May 6, 2008

Peanut Butter Torte

This weeks Tuesday With Dorie recipe is a Peanut Butter Torte chosen by Elizabeth of Ugg Smell Food.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate are one of my favorite combinations (i love reese's peices). This recipe was simple to make and came together really easy. My biggest issue was the wait time for the peanut butter mousse to set up. My crust didnt come up high enough on the sides, so if i make this again maybe i will use more cookies.

It tasted much different than I imaginged (not like a reese's) but it was still good.

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Next Week: Florida Pie


Rebecca said...

Nice job! This looks lovely. And I agree, it tastes different than what you'd expect.

Marie said...

Your torte looks fabulous! Well done!

Christine said...

Your torte looks beautiful! Good job!

Heather said...

I love how your torte looks! So delicious!

Shari said...

I love your googlepage link to the recipe. Great job!

Mara said...

very yummy looking!! ours is all gone so i just had to have a mini reese's to console myself. it was a poor substitute!!

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