November 5, 2008

Cheeseburger Welldone - Hold the Fries!

This Cheeseburger cake was the perfect surprise for a birthday party! No one could beleive it was an actual cake :)

The bun is a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and the patty is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

November 4, 2008

Getting into Gear

So I have been wanting to make some posts to my blog, but besides my pc not working, I HATED MY BLOG DESIGN!

Then yesterday i remembered
Delicious Design Studios , checked their site and saw this cute template in my favorite colors and bought it immediately! Within the hour Jess contacted me and viola my new blog was born.

I am actually going to be changing the focus of my blog. It will no longer be a mish-mosh of anything i make. My blog will be tied into my soon to launched webiste and it wil be mainly about cakes which have been made for clients and events -with an occasional blogging event thrown in:)

I will definitely be working with Jess again when i am ready to to launch my WEBSITE :) but for now i have some long overdue posting to do!
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