December 22, 2010

Donut Cake

I had soooo much fun making this cake. After researching donut cakes online I found a quick video on youtube by UrbanSweetsLA. I started off with a 10”x4” round vanilla cake, which was filled and coated with Vanilla SMBC. I then carved the cake to resemble a donut shape.

I then mixed white and chocolate fondant together to make the “donut” color (it’s a little darker than I would have liked) and covered the cake.

Pink fondant “frosting”

For presentation purposes I stopped by my local Dunkin Donuts to get a box ($.50), I think this added a better touch than just a decorated cakeboard.

The final cake!


January 3, 2010

Oscar The Grouch Cake

October 5, 2009

Pink Hearts Cake

This cake was for Leslyann, who celebrated her 11th birthday this weekend at Chucke Cheese. She requested her name in purple with pink hearts. Cake was Vanilla with fresh Strawberry Filling covered in fondant.

August 10, 2009

Gambling Cake

I made this cake for a 23rd birthday. I designed it at least three weeks ago. I knew all the componets that i had to pre-make. But some things came up and i couldnt get to do them, so i pulled an all nighter to make the decorations. The only thing i didnt get to make was the topper - it was going to be two large dice - totaling 23.

I tried a new technique - which is to use ganache for the out covering instead of buttercream. It was so easy to do and made my fondanting so much easier. I will definitely this technique going forward.

Suprisingly it came out better than i anticipated but then it started MELTING!
It was so hot in my apartment that the fondant actually became sticky and as time went on, and the heat & humidity rose, the fondant actually started to melt. For the most part you cant really tell, it just gave the cake a super glossy look but upon further inspection you will see that some of the decorations started to slide down the bottom

This is actually the second time this has happended to me within a month, so i guess it is time to invest in a really good ac!

Anyhow, the cake was well received, the flavors were:
Top Tier: Orange Creamsicle
Middle Tier: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting & White Chocolate Ganache
Bottom Tier: Double Chocolate cake with Baileys Caramel Buttercream and Dark Chocolate Ganche

Thanks for Looking!

July 20, 2009

TCS: Lemon Blueberry Cake

I will be making this cake for a birthday party this coming Friday. Will post pics and results then!
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