March 4, 2008

Snickery Squares

First off I just want to thank everyone at Tuesdays with Dorie for their warm welcome last week. I had so much fun with last weeks entry.

This week’s recipe is Snickery Squares was chosen by Erin of Dinner and Dessert . Initially I googled the recipe and found that quite a few other bloggers have made this recipe with much success so I was equally excited again.

After my two mishaps this weekend I was ready to make these. I got started. I grated my butter and made the dough by hand as I did not want to pull out my food processor; it was quite simple just like making a pie dough. And then it happened, things stared to go wrong.. I had to redo two components of this recipe today

The coating for the nuts: I looked and the sugar was just starting to dissolve. I went to my pc to pull up my blog. Came back. BURNT. So I had to start over. When I made the 2nd batch I didn’t think that there was enough coating for the peanuts, so I made a little extra. Otherwise everything else went smooth.

The dulce de leche: I usually make my own by boiling a can of condensed milk. But this time I decided to buy some. When I got home I found that I had inadvertently picked up a can of? Condensed milk. Since I didn’t have time to boil it, I decided to try another method and cook it in a saucepan. I thought this would take a while, so I went back to my pc. Came back into the kitchen to check on it. Edges were BURNT. So off to the store again to buy some.

Today I learned/reinforced two simple rules. No surfing the net, while you things boiling on the stove!!!

These are really rich but sooooo good. So rich, I almost couldn’t finish my little 2x2 square.

The next time I make these I will probably tweak the following two things;

The Dulce De Leche – I think I will add some melted caramel into this mixture to give the gooeyness im used to.

The Chocolate - I might use a ½ semisweet ½ bittersweet chocolate combo, and make my chocolate layer a little thinner

Never the less they were enjoyed by all!

For printable version of the recipe click here

Next week: Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake


noskos said...

Nice looking squares!! I love the decoration on top!

CB said...

LOL. good rule! I am guilty of breaking that rule ALL THE TIME though so don't feel too bad. You have some great Dorie Dedication there! Great job!

Dianne said...

They look good! I love your new rule. Adventures in the kitchen are always fun, even if they make the journey to the finished product a bit longer. :)

carrie said...

Your squares look to die for! Great job!

amanda. said...

Sorry they gave you so many problems but they look delicious!

Erin said...

These look great! I'm glad everything worked out in the end and that you liked the recipe!

Gretchen Noelle said...

Waaaay too often I let things burn because I am at the computer. Why don't we ever learn!?! Glad you like the squares, they were yummy, weren't they?m

Engineer Baker said...

Definitely a good idea to add more sugar - I would have loved more caramely caramelized peanuts too! They look tasty though!

Jhianna said...

Looks great!

I should have made another batch of peanuts with more sugar/water, but I didn't want to wait that long. :D

Jaime said...

wow, those squares are so perfectly cut! they look a lot like dorie's, good job :)

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